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Plaza Utrillas, nº6 - 50013

Zaragoza Spain

Press contact
Juana Jiménez
669 772 487
ZIR Communication
699 180 361


Based at the old Utrillas railway station, our headquarters or station is equipped with spaces designed to facilitate innovation, providing a meeting place and foster collaboration.

We promote encounters between people, projects, businesses and companies.

We are currently accommodating the start-ups and entrepreneurs involved in the Retail Accelerator 1st Edition through the Aragon Open Future_ programme in Crowdworking La Estacion.

Crowdworking La Estacion is the physical location of Aragon Open Future_ retail acceleration programme, which is located in Plaza de Utrillas 6, Zaragoza. These premises are available for customised sessions involving the selected projects, as well as any other types of activities and events open to the general public. This area shall become the hub for retail research and evolution.

The name Crowdworking has not been picked at random. Based in the old Utrillas railway station, which was built in 1865, this old station was responsible to supply coal to the whole of Zaragoza for over 100 years.

Its history and symbolism continues in the design and architecture of our Crowdworking. Just like any average railway station, our "railway tracks" run through the entire infrastructure in order to guide users and visitors to the main destinations within the premises (rooms). Each room has a different purpose, in order to meet all the goals that this physical space was intended for.


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