Zerca is born, a local initiative for the digitalization of the proximity trade of Aragon
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Zerca is born, a local initiative for the digitalization of the proximity trade of Aragon

T-ZIR, the Center for Innovation in Retail in Zaragoza, has presented zerca !, a new online platform that will enable local businesses to digitize their businesses with total gratuity, without making any kind of initial investment. The project, also supported by Henneo, Ibercaja and Chambers Aragón, and which has the logistical support of Correos, intends to integrate, over the coming months, the largest number of businesses in the region, and set up a complete product offer , balanced and designed, essentially, for the Aragonese consumer.

The initiative brings together in a single technological, commercial and logistics solution the basic digitization kit, applicable to any traditional business and that will be installed free of charge to all those who join the project (they can do so by requesting more information on the website www.zerca. com). Affiliated businesses can operate without incurring any cost during -at least- the first six months from the launch of the website to final consumer, scheduled for November 2019. Thereafter, and if the business decides to continue operating in This platform of local commerce, would apply a rate of € 39 / month.

"It is a unique opportunity for local commerce to digitize its physical stores completely free of charge, receive specialized and personalized training and try, without making any type of investment, the solution proposed by zerca!", Said Luis Barcelona, CEO of T-ZIR.

The presentation ceremony was attended by the president of the Aragón Government, Javier Lambán, and the main promoters of the project, the president of T-ZIR, Alfonso Soláns, the vice president of Henneo, Íñigo de Yarza, the CEO of Ibercaja, Víctor Iglesias, and the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza, Manuel Teruel; they have also publicly subscribed the collaboration agreement for the deployment and implementation of the zerca!

"The physical stores are the main protagonists of our cities and should receive the necessary impulse that allows them to continue being competitive, placing within the agenda of priorities an effective plan that transfers resources for their digitalization. Given the exponential growth of electronic commerce in our country, it is an urgent and unavoidable need for the private sector and public institutions to assume a real commitment to convey aid, skills and training to local commerce, "said the president of T-ZIR, Alfonso Soláns.

For his part, the president of the Government of Aragon has argued that "this initiative is an incentive for small business and that the technology used with intelligence is an opportunity for any economic activity." "Our challenge is to be more innovative than anyone and to use new technologies better than anyone and to investigate," said Lambán, who highlighted "the excellent dynamism" of the Aragonese business fabric.

Adherence to zerca! aims to translate into an increase in visibility and customer traffic for businesses in the physical and online channels. The platform, based on technology and innovation, will implement loyalty programs, product geolocation systems, positioning of stores in real time according to the client's location or the possibility of sharing purchases or recommendations through social networks. In addition, it will incorporate the concept of assisted purchasing through an advanced virtual assistant, which will help the user and provide augmented reality solutions.

Under the premise "the shops of your city, wherever you want", zerca! it is constituted as a new means of liaison between local businesses and the local consumer, who will be able to buy 365 days a year and choose if he wants to receive his order at home or pick it up in store, through a one-hundred-omnichannel strategy, which benefit the physical store from your virtual counter. Also, zerca! simultaneará the digitization process along with training for those responsible for these businesses, with the aim of explaining in a personalized and detailed all the possibilities of the platform, which will be entirely self-manageable.



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