Ibernex launches a technological challenge to facilitate a predictive teleassistance that improves the quality of life of people
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Ibernex launches a technological challenge to facilitate a predictive teleassistance that improves the quality of life of people

Ibernex, the Aragonese company of the Pikolin Group that develops health care and safety solutions, has launched a technological challenge through Aragon Open Future. This Open Innovation initiative by Telefónica, in alliance with T-ZIR, aims to discover how new technologies can improve people's quality of life, by facilitating predictive teleassistance. The challenge is aimed at entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, universities and technology centres.

 According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE) in 2018, 19.1% of the Spanish population was over 65 years old and lived alone, reaching the figure of 850,000 people. If current trends continue, the national dependency ratio will rise from the current 53.5% to 62.2% in 2031, reaching 87.7% in 2066. Currently in Spain there are 900,000 people benefiting from remote assistance services, and 25% of the total correspond to the elderly. 

Ibernex, through the technological challenge launched from Aragon Open Future, seeks solutions that allow the design of an advanced predictive telecare service that is complemented by innovative technologies. They want to be able to identify life habits that allow the prediction of anomalous, degenerative or risk situations, as well as to generate warnings (study of activity patterns and detection of changes in them, location indoors and outdoors, etc.) to the interested agents (relatives, medical teams, public safety services...) in a proactive way. 

The technological solutions to be found with the launch of this open innovation call must comply with the objective of remote monitoring of users in real time. Solutions that perform an optimal combination of technology applied to personal home assistance and an intuitive, non-intrusive user experience, remotely and with a real-time connection. 

With this call, Ibernex seeks to cover all or part of several specific objectives. The first is to enable predictive monitoring of users based on location patterns and indoor behavior. For example, if the average time of activity start is at 8 a.m., and at 9 a.m. no activity is detected, incidents such as falls or lack of activity can be revealed. The second objective is to analyze the information captured with the monitoring and develop an intelligent algorithm capable of finding behavioral changes associated with physical or cognitive impairment. The third is to develop a communication platform that allows users to receive alerts and send them to family members or emergency services. 

The Aragonese company is thinking of solutions based on leading technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analysis models based on deep learning, IoT sensors, location systems, etc., to cover the objective launched from Aragon Open Future. 

Submission of applications 

Any entrepreneur, startup, SME, technology center or university with a proposal that can contribute to the resolution of all or part of the open innovation application submitted by Ibernex can participate. 

Those interested must submit their application through the electronic mechanisms available at the following address

The period for receiving applications begins on 2 March and ends on 2 April. Applicants can send their questions to the following e-mail address: aragonopenfuture@telefonica.com.

The winning project will be able to carry out a real pilot of its proposal paid for by Ibernex with a value of up to 50,000 euros.



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